How Your Car Can Benefit From a Seat Cover

A vehicle is one of the purchases we spend the most time thinking through and deciding on. However, with vehicles just like many other big purchases the decisions don’t all end when you sign the papers. There are a few primary factors that continue to weigh into decisions after you purchase your vehicle.

How a Sports Team Seat Cover Can Enhance Your New Vehicle

One focus from the point of purchase is maintaining your new vehicle in a way that you can limit the number of repairs you have to face down the road. You may not be planning to keep your new vehicle until it dies, and if that’s the case you want to maintain a good resale value. Nonetheless, you just got a new vehicle, whether brand new or just new to you, and you want to be able to make it your own and enjoy it. A sports team seat cover is an awesome way to protect your seats for your own use and resale. It gives you the opportunity to make your vehicle uniquely yours even if it’s a very common vehicle. Finally, seat covers can be extremely comfortable.

Car Seats Face Abuse

Okay, abuse may be a little extreme or way underselling it depending on who all is getting in your car, how much you eat in your car, and what age riders you have. Whether you got the option for leather seats or your seats are made up of some other type of fabric, they can all be damaged by regular use as well as accidents such as spills and tears.

Damaged Car SeatIf you plan to keep your vehicle for a long time, it really stinks when early on you have some spill or accidental tear that might not even be very big. Because even if it isn’t something others will see right away, you still know that it’s there. Additionally, if you have purchased a vehicle already, you probably know by personal experience that when you are deciding which vehicle to buy you look at everything as closely as possible and people will try to get you to lower the price for every tiny imperfection they see.

It still will be unpleasant if you have a cool seat cover and it gets a spill or a tear on it, but you will be able to take the covers off and more easily clean some spills. If the spill or tear can’t be fixed, it is still a lot easier to replace one seat cover than a whole seat. On top of that, going back to the resale value, if you do decide to sell your car at some point, you can take the covers off and your seats will still look fresh.

It’s Yours, Personalize It

A second great part about seat covers, is that they give you the opportunity to make your vehicle stand out. I’m sure you have noticed how many similar cars, vans, and trucks you see any time you go on trips. Some vehicles are just better, cheaper, or look cooler than others so those vehicles are going to be more common. That doesn’t mean your vehicle has to stay exactly the same.

There are many ways to personalize your vehicle as I will continue to highlight through this site, but seat covers are one of the ways that can easily be temporary. Some accessories are harder to remove and because of that they just aren’t everyone’s favorite option. A seat cover is also one of the more bold accessories in my opinion because it’s very hard to miss a nice big logo on your seat.

This accessory is a great option especially for the super fans who want everyone to know which teams they support. This can also be a fun and engaging option for a family. If different members of the family like different teams, the person who usually drives can have a seat cover for their team and their spouse, or whoever usually sits in the other front seat, can have one for their team. This can make seat covers great options as gifts for your children if they consistently sit in the same seats or you can always go with the same team for the whole vehicle.

It Doesn’t Just Look Good

A big benefit of seat covers is how you can change the look of your cars interior, but it doesn’t stop there. Seat covers can also be extremely comfortable. I doubt I am the only person who has taken a long car ride where you are trying to re-situate throughout the trip regularly to try to stay comfortable. I have even had the very unpleasant experience of one of my legs falling asleep and dealing with that annoying tingling sensation of having to wake it up.

Some manufacturer installed car seats are more comfortable than others, but a separate cover you purchase will likely be even more comfortable. This is great for the driver who always has the rough job of trying to stay alert and focused on the road, but also would like to be comfortable. For long trips, it’s also really nice for the parents if you have comfortable seat covers that hopefully make your kids ask a few less times how much longer.

Most of the time when we get in our vehicles, it’s for a specific purpose to get to a destination, whether close or far. This doesn’t mean you cannot put a priority on making this trip as comfortable as possible.

What We Covered

I really like my car, and there is a good chance you do too. I want it to last and I want it to be an enjoyable experience every time I step inside. Seat covers are a way that you can protect your vehicle’s seats long-term as you continue to enjoy your ride. And hey, if you don’t really like your car, at least your seats will be protected for when you find one you like more and want to sell this car.

Colts Car Seat CoversUltimately, you spent a good chunk of money on your car and you can make it unique to you and your family. Seat covers allow you too blanket your whole vehicle in support of your favorite team or get the whole family involved in personalizing each seat. Finally, seat covers are just plain comfortable and some seats really are not that comfortable. Now that it’s yours, you get to decide how awesome your ride is going to be for you and those lucky enough to ride with you.



  1. Thanks for your interesting content. I’ve never really thought of getting a seat cover before, but having just read your post I’m keen to get creative. I suffer from lower back problems so a seat cover that can provide lumbar support and look stylish would be amazing. Let the hunt begin!

    • I am glad you were able to find this information useful. There are some great seat covers out there that should be able to help a lot with lower back pain while driving.

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