NFL Floor Mats – Save Your Poor Floors

Stains suck! They are extremely frustrating because it means either you or someone you let ride with you made a mistake and left a lasting mark on your car. If you are the one that causes the stain it will be consistently frustrating knowing that that one mark is only there because you accidentally spilled that drink one time. If it was someone else, it’s still frustrating and then your friend will feel guilty and you may be overly cautious now with anyone else who wants to eat in your car. So what does this all mean: Stains Suck!

Now think about how much less annoying it would be for that freshly picked up Starbucks coffee to spill on your nice NFL floors mats that can easily be taken out and washed off. You still probably just spilled about $10 worth of coffee, which is never fun, but at least you didn’t leave a lasting mark on your vehicle.

Mud and Water and Stains, Oh My!

As I mentioned above, stains from spilling food and drinks are one of the dangers to your car’s floors. However, there are also many other things that can make your floors dirty, some being harder to clean than others. Regardless of how careful you try to be, or how careful you tell your kids to be, someone is going to get in your car with muddy or wet shoes. Wet mud is just not going to come out of your floors easily, and it’s not much better to deal with once it dries caked in.

Water on the other hand is not very hard to clean up, but the main danger it presents is rusting out any exposed metal. On the topic of rust, another thing you definitely don’t want to be tracking into your car is salt. Salt stuck in your shoes is very annoying if you live in a colder climate, where the roads need to be salted because of ice. The chemicals in salt can be damaging to the fabric in your car and combined with water, like melting snow, it can also accelerate rust.

Not Just Icky, but Also Sticky

One of the worst kinds of messes you can get in your car are the sticky ones. Every time you get in after you get something sticky on your floor, your shoes get sticky again, and the fabric starts to harden together.

Removable, Washable, Hooray

To be honest, I don’t even like trying to vacuum in my vehicles because you are working with fairly tight to extremely tight spaces, and it just feels like you can never get every crevice. One of the best things about the various accessories available for your vehicles is the fact that they can be removed and cleaned, rather than having to try to clean inside the vehicle itself.

A recent example for us was that just a few weeks back while on vacation, after getting into our van from a wine tasting, some wine got spilled on the floor. If it wasn’t for our floor mat, this could have made a real mess and we were on vacation. Instead, we simply were able to wipe it up to take away the stickiness and then once we got home spray it off.

Why Go Generic?

There are many benefits to having floor mats in your car. They will protect your vehicle from many kinds of stains. They also allow for much easier cleaning of regular dirt, liquids, or food spills. Finally, they are another canvas for you to personalize your vehicle. I know not everyone will want to accessorize every part of their vehicle, which is why I also believe that there is a perfect car accessory for everyone to use to show off their team pride.

For those of you who have been debating whether it is worth it to get floor mats in your car, I hope this article provided you with some clarity on whether it is the right decision for you. I hope you enjoy making your vehicle a little more unique to you.


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