NFL Hitch Covers – Unique Ways to Personalize Your Vehicle’s Exterior

Eagles Hitch CoverUp until this point, I have mainly been bringing you suggestions for how you can personalize the inside of your vehicles. These are the personalized pieces for your interior, like a beautiful leather steering wheel cover, that you get to enjoy and experience most while you are driving. However, we spend a lot of our time outside of our vehicles and most people other than friends and family don’t get the chance to check out your vehicles interior as easily.

With this in mind, you have the large canvas that is your vehicle’s exterior to show off to the world who you cheer for. I am going to present you with a few unique accessories to personalize the exterior of your car starting with NFL hitch covers.

A Hitch Has Many Purposes Even When Not Towing

Whether you own an SUV, a truck, or any other large vehicle, it can be extremely useful to have the ability to tow. By installing a hitch on your vehicle you give yourself many possibilities such as connecting to a trailer to haul junk away without damaging your vehicle. It is also opens up the awesome potential of camping trips, which is the primary use for my family.

Some Additional Possibilities Once You Have a HitchHammock Hitch Stand

  • Bike Rack
  • Trailer Hitch Hammock (Well now that you know this exists…)
  • Hitch Winch Mount
  • Cargo Carrier
  • Hitch Mounted Grill (just show up with one of these at your next tailgating party

Even with all of these great options, there will be times when you aren’t using your hitch for anything. Instead of just having a boring hitch without anything linked, you can use these times to show off your pride by attaching a hitch cover that draws the eyes of whoever is following you to your favorite team.

A Bolder Option for Your Truck

Maybe a hitch cover sounds good to you, but just isn’t enough for you as you want to shout your team pride with your truck. Unlike most of my suggestions, this one only works for the truck owners, but it is an awesome one. Did you know that you can actually get a cover for your entire tailgate?

These covers are made out of fabric that can be taken off and washed as needed. As I said before, your vehicle’s exterior is a great canvas and this is a great way to take full advantage of it.

A More Subtle Option For Anyone

Maybe an image covering the whole rear of your vehicle is a little bolder than your personality. If that’s the case, there are other options like a variety of antenna toppers. When I say variety, I don’t just mean a topper for each team, but there are also a few different options for each team. You can go with a sports fan favorite in the foam finger antenna topper. Another option is a mini version if your teams helmet.

Foam Finger Antenna TopperHelmet Antenna TopperMickey Helmet Antenna Topper

Why Not Represent Two Passions at Once

I was not at all shocked to see the foam finger or the mini helmet antenna toppers. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can get toppers that feature Mickey Mouse wearing your teams helmet. These are sure to grab the attention of both football lovers and Disney lovers as you are driving down the road.

Think Outside The Box

It’s your vehicle and you have the opportunity to personalize it both inside and out. My hope with these ideas is to help you realize that not only can you represent your team with how you accessorize your vehicle, but you can also show off your own personality by going bold or more subtle. If you have any feedback or questions, I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Hi Brad, I enjoyed reading your article on NFL Hitch Covers- Unique Way to Personalize Your Vehicle’s Exterior. There a lot of helpful and interesting information. My oldest son loves tailgating parties. I think I will get him the Hitch Mounted Grill for Christmas. I think he would absolutely love it.
    Warm Regards ~ Margaret

    • It makes me very excited to hear that this article was helpful for you. That sounds like a great idea, and I hope your son loves it.

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